Steelrod conducts lighter fabrication such as railway points rodding, up to heavier fabrication including railway portals, gantries and masts. Medium to heavy weight steel in projects up to several million dollars are handled and structural MIG and TIG welding on all aspects of fabrication is well catered for in Steelrod's well equipped factories.

Our dedicated and experienced personnel consisting of boilermakers and certified welders have state of the art equipment at their disposal allowing them to produce quality structural steel components in a timely and efficient fashion. The building itself covers an area of 2000 sq meters giving Steelrod improved overall efficiency and increased capacity and is fully fitted out with two overhead cranes providing a safe, efficient and high quality workplace for our highly skilled staff to work in.

Emphasis is placed on in-time delivery of a professional product. This is made possible by our quality systems (ISO9001:2015), enabling fabrication work to be carried out to the relevant standards and codes. This is one of the many reasons for our reputation of being able to carry out complex projects accurately safely and efficiently.

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