Steelrod specialises in the construction of components for railway track and signal engineering and is a major supplier to signalling contractors for railways throughout Australia and South East Asia. We have been manufacturing components for Australian Railways Authorities and large private contractors for over 35 years. A time span that has seen technology expand at a rate far greater than at any other time period in history. 

Steelrod has not only kept up with this technology, we’ve been at the cutting edge.  Continual equipment upgrades have ensured that we can supply the latest innovations of the highest quality demanded by the Railway Industry.

Acknowledged as the leading manufacturer of points rodding, and ancillary equipment including chair and tie plates and permanent way components, Steelrod also manufactures overhead traction equipment and portals. Signal posts, ladders and level crossing posts, overhead gantries (including cantilevers) and much more are all manufactured to client's drawings and specifications. We are preferred suppliers to Queensland Rail having supplied a great majority of their equipment inlcluding ancillary equipment, hold down bolts, track disconnection boxes, and general fabrication such as points clips, tie and adaptor plates.

Sheet metal components such as location cases, emergency operations lock boxes, wayside boxes and protection equipment are also well catered for.

As we have direct access to Australia's best foundries and investment castings, a reliable source of high quality castings is assured.

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