Steelrod was founded in 1974 operating from a single workshop. Since then Steelrod has expanded to a factory with four fully equiped workshops. We deliver high quality products and services to many industries, one being the rail industry in which Steelrod is renowned and admired throughout for superior quality components, excellent service and on time delivery. 

 Customer's own special needs are attended to with care.

Workshop 1

Steelrod conducts light fabrication such as railway points rodding, up to heavy fabrication including railway portals, gantries and masts. Light fabrication is carried out in workshop 1.

Workshop 2

Medium to Heavy fabrication for projects up to several million dollars and utilising Structural MIG and TIG welding are carried out in workshop 2. 

Workshop 3

Steelrod machine small components such as terminal nuts, pins, bushes and washers up to large fabricated mining equipment.Machining is conducted in workshop 3 which is solely dedicated to our Shin Nippon Koki Machining Centre. This machine has 5 face functions and a 6 metre by 2 metre table capacity capable of 15 tonne. 

Workshop 4

The hub of machining, workshop 4 conducts drilling, counter sinking and tapping of wear plates and lip plates in materials up to Bisalloy 500.  We have access to Australia’s best foundries to guarantee a reliable source of high quality castings. Working with the latest in technology including CNC Machining Centres, CNC Lathes (and Bar Feeders) allows our team to complete projects to our customer's own designs and specifications. Our Okuma Double Column Machining Centre has a table capacity of 45 ton and can handle jobs as big as 7 metres by 3 metres.

Where accuracy and consistency is paramount, Steelrod can be relied upon to produce the right product on time, every time.

Contact Details

Steelrod Pty Ltd

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ABN: 89 009 934 810

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